July 2, 2008

About Super Real Graphics Presents

SUPER REAL GRAPHICS PRESENTS is a series of original graphic novels (OGN's) featuring innovative, and stylish, creator-owned works in a 64 page, full color, digest sized (6x9) format.

The first volume, SUPER REAL GRAPHICS PRESENTS: GNOME, from creator Dave Dwonch, was released in April 2008, and is currently available from comic book shops, and Amazon.com.

Diamond Order Code FEB084007 (comic shop locator)
ISBN: 978-0-9802498-04

The second volume, The Wolves of Odin by Grant Gould, is scheduled for a November release, with more exciting SUPER REAL GRAPHICS PRESENTS volumes planned in 2009.

Super Real Graphics has been publishing comic books to the direct market since November 2005, with it's flagship series, SUPER REAL.

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