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April 30, 2010

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August 27, 2009

Good News, Bad News

I was recently hired for a really amazing freelance project that I would be a FOOL to pass up (unfortunately I can't talk about it yet or say what it is). So that's the good news. The BAD news is that it's going to be taking up a lot of my time over the next few weeks. Between this new gig and the Clone Wars comic, I have to put all of my side projects on hold for a short time - that includes the 'Wolves of Odin' webcomic.

I hate having such a rocky start to the webcomic, but paying work has to take priority. Hopefully you all understand. :) So the webcomic is temporarily on hold, but it'll be back soon.

~ Grant

July 30, 2009

The WOLVES OF ODIN webcomic begins!

Today's a big day for me and for "Wolves of Odin" fans, because it marks the official start of the webcomic. From this point on, I'll be trying my best to post a new page every monday and friday. If you have friends who are into fantasy or Norse mythology or the supernatural or just comic books in general, tell 'em all about the webcomic - send 'em the link! Help spread the word. Finally the saga of vikings and werewolves continues, and I've got quite a few fun surprises on the way. (And, of course, if you haven't picked up the first volume yet, what are ya waitin' for? Now's the time to get caught up!)

So go add WolvesOfOdin.com to your bookmarks and enjoy the ride.

~ Grant

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July 16, 2009

"Wolves" Webcomic Talk @ Fandomania

The awesome folks over at Fandomania sat me down for a quick Q&A regarding the new "Wolves of Odin" webcomic. Definitely go check it out - Here's the link!

~ Grant

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July 7, 2009

All new "Wolves of Odin" adventures in webcomic format - starting this month!


Beginning July 31st, 2009, the WOLVES OF ODIN saga continues in an all-new webcomic format! Two new pages every week, free for everyone to enjoy online.


Out of anger, Odin, Father of the Norse Gods, unleashed three unstoppable beasts upon mankind. But Thor, God of Thunder, interfered with Odin's plans and aided a warrior named Tyr by giving him the power he needed to ultimately defeat the wolves. Thus the battle ended, but in the aftermath, other events were set in motion.

The spiteful witch Bergthora has given rise to a new breed of werewolf. They can shapeshift at will and hide among the north-men, drawing strength from the Earth itself. They are a threat to not only humanity, but to the gods as well. A war is coming.


New characters! New adventures! All brought to you by "Wolves of Odin" creator Grant Gould.

Be sure to bookmark the official site - WolvesOfOdin.com - and visit Grant and Super Real Graphics (booth #5331) at San Diego Comic-Con for a chance to own an 8x10 glossy print of the promotional artwork you see above!

Spread the word... THE WOLVES ARE RETURNING!

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Comic-Con 2009

San Diego Comic-Con is almost here! I wanted to remind everyone that "The Wolves of Odin" will be available to purchase throughout the show at the Super Real Graphics booth (#5331). I will be spending the first hour of each day (excluding Preview Night) sitting at the SRG booth -- then after that, I'll head to my table in Artists' Alley (CC-17).

Definitely write down those table and booth numbers and come check us out! Super Real Graphics will have a ton of cool stuff - lots of amazing books and guest artists. And I'll have a few awesome goodies as well. We hope to see you there! :)

~ Grant

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June 17, 2009

"Wolves" article in Icelandic newspaper

I was interviewed awhile back by the wonderful folks at the Lögberg-Heimskringla, a weekly Icelandic newspaper. They just sent me a couple copies of the issue in which my article appears (thanks, David!) and it turned out great. I scanned it in, so click here to download a printable PDF if ya want.

Thanks again to the Lögberg! :)

Speaking of "Wolves"...
I'm sure I'll post more about this in a few weeks, but for those wondering - YES, "Wolves of Odin" will be at San Diego Comic-Con this year. The book itself will be available to purchase at the Super Real Graphics booth (#5331) throughout the show, and I will be at the SRG booth the first hour of each day, and after that you'll be able to find me at my table in Artists' Alley. More to come!

~ Grant

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December 20, 2008

Wolves of Odin REVIEWED on COMICS WAITING ROOM and more

Another favorable review is in, this time from Marc Mason's ComicsWaitingRoom.com

From the review:
"Simply put, WOLVES OF ODIN boils down to “vikings versus werewolves” and if that bit of high concept hits your sweet spot, then this is a book you’re going to want to check out."
Check out the full review HERE

We've also found some folks talking about the book around the web:

3 out of 5 Vikings

"All in all, Wolves of Odin is a satisfying read, a done-in-one story that delivers on its promise and premise. Gould has done a pretty good job, and I can't wait for whatever he has in store for us comic book fans next."

(At the 35 minute mark)

Be sure and forward any posts on Wolves of Odin for us to share if you find them!

And don't forget, the book is still available from your local comic book shops (Diamond order code SEP084260), the SuperRealGraphics.com website STORE, or AMAZON.COM

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December 1, 2008


Another review for our just released title has come in, and this time it's a rave review from the staff at BrokenFrontier.com:

"An engaging story from a strong new voice..."

"you should get thee verily to thy local comic book purveyor and obtain this little gem."

Lee Newman
You can view the full review HERE

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November 26, 2008

The 1st review is in! "SRG puts out another winning book" - AICN

Ain't It Cool News posted their review of the book! Here it is:


Throughout history there have been certain perfect combinations: peanut butter and chocolate, sex and leather, super-heroes and secret identities. Well, now it looks like another pairing can be added to that list: Vikings and werewolves. Or, I should say, Vikings versus werewolves. That's the basic concept for WOLVES OF ODIN, the new one shot from SuperReal Graphics.

The story here is pretty straightforward. In ancient Norse lands a band of werewolves have been roaming the countryside, decimating village after village, leaving almost no survivors in their wake. No one can stand against them except for a small group of Viking warriors, and even they are facing what seem to be impossible odds. At first read the story seems every bit as bit simplistic as the basic concept, but as the book continues certain elements are revealed that add a layer of creepy mysticism to the tale. WOLVES OF ODIN takes great advantage of the trappings of its genre and plays not only on the combat aspect of Viking history and fiction but draws much from the religious folklore of the period as well. Thor, Odin, and even a certain trickster half-brother all play a major role in the book even if they themselves are not actually physically present. As a result WOLVES is elevated beyond just being a hack and slash horror tale with a twist.

Creator Grant Gould does a great job of delivering an impressive package with WOLVES OF ODIN. The art in the book is very well done and Gould has an obvious talent for setting up the perfect atmosphere in a particular scene with his use of color. While I thought some of the actual figure drawing looked a bit rushed in places, Gould more than makes up for that with his coloring skill and his direct storytelling ability. ODIN is a book that has a unique and gloomy look to it--a look that is perfectly suited for the story being told.

With this latest publication, SuperReal Graphics puts out another winning book. Much like their previous comic, GNOME, this book takes me back to days gone by. This time, though, WOLVES OF ODIN reminds me of the hours upon hours of time spent at a tabletop rolling dice with my D & D friends. Those were good times and any comic book that can give me the same old feeling I had when I was rolling a twenty sided die to fend off a marauding gang of orcs is a great comic book indeed.


Review by Kristian Horn - AICN LInk

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November 24, 2008

SRG Presents: Wolves of Odin available now

Super Real Graphics Presents: The Wolves of Odin hits comic book stores this Wednesday, 11/26/08.

If you haven't preordered your copy already, or can't find one, just have your shop order one via Diamond Order Code: SEP08 4260

Or if you can't make it to a comic book shop, you can simply order online:

Either direct from the Super Real Graphics STORE

Or via Amazon.com

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Werewolf-News.com "Wolves of Odin" Contest

Werewolf-News.com and "The Wolves of Odin" are teaming up, and YOU could win a signed copy of the book! Head over here for all the details.

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November 20, 2008

Signing at the Source in MN

The books are here, everything seems to be on schedule. "Wolves of Odin" should be hitting comic store shelves this coming Wednesday, November 26th! From what I've heard, Amazon's sending out their pre-orders now, too. So... the wait is officially over. :)

One other thing I wanna mention -- If any of you are in the Minnesota area, I'm planning on being at The Source Comics and Games on Wed., Nov. 26th, starting around 11am. I'll be signing copies of the books and doing free quick viking & werewolf sketches for anyone who buys the book. So please swing by and say hey!

- Grant

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November 14, 2008

The books are on their way

As Jason posted on his blog, the books have arrived from overseas and will soon be on their way to Diamond and other distributors.. Pretty exciting to see it unfolding. :)

I also wanted to mention -- for those of you that want to check out some of my non-Wolves stuff -- my latest Clone Wars online comic has been posted on StarWars.com. Head over to starwars.com/clonewars/comic to check it out. Flip past the cover image and you'll see a table of contents. Click on the chapter called "Discount" (or you can check out my previous one, called "Procedure").

Also, a helpful hint: Click on the "view full screen" option on the left side of the menu and play with the zoom buttons for best viewing and readability. The online reader takes a little bit to get used to, but I've learned to love it. :)

- Grant

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October 24, 2008

Talking WOLVES of ODIN on Comic Book Resources

Wolves of Odin was just featured on Comic Book Resources in an interview with creator Grant Gould.

You can check that out HERE

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October 9, 2008

WOLVES of ODIN mentioned in CSN Fall Preview

The current "Fall Preview" issue of Comic Shop News (the free industry newspaper available via comic book shops) features SRG Presents: The Wolves of Odin as one of the upcoming titles to watch for!

Be sure and get those preorders in with your shops now.

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September 23, 2008

Talking WOLVES of ODIN on The Pulse


Click here to read the interview!

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September 15, 2008

Gould & Martin talk WOLVES on Comic Geek Speak

The new episode of Comic Geek Speak features an interview with Super Real Graphics publisher/creator Jason Martin and "Wolves of Odin" writer/artist Grant Gould! Click here to check it out, or download it on iTunes. It's episode #511, "Previews" (at the 1:09:20 time mark).

Big thanks to the CGS guys! :)

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September 12, 2008

NEWSARAMA: Gould & Martin on The Wolves of Odin


In the upcoming graphic novella The Wolves of Odin, cartoonist Grant Gould imagines a war of godly proportions as the Asgardian god Odin has transformed three of his followers into inhuman werewolves set on reinvigorating the dying Norse religion of the time. Standing is his way is son and thunder god Thor, who challenges his father's madness with the help of his loyal warrior protégé Tyr.

Unbridling Viking fighting, magical Norse gods and werewolves is the central themes behind this upcoming graphic novel from the new publishing company Super Real Graphics. With the book in this month's Previews and scheduled for a November release, we talked with Gould and publisher Jason Martin.

Click here for the article!

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September 10, 2008

WOLVES of ODIN Wallpapers

September 2, 2008

WOLVES of ODIN mentioned on G4

My pal Anton Peck told me about "Wolves of Odin" being mentioned on G4's news scroller (at the bottom of the screen), and kindly sent me these screen caps! :)

September 1, 2008

Wolves of Odin - PREVIEW

UPDATED 9/1/08: Here's a sneak peek at 6 pages from our upcoming November release:

Super Real Graphics Presents: THE WOLVES OF ODIN
By Grant Gould
64 pages, digest sized (6x9), Full Color, $7.50

Remember to place your orders with comic book shops now, via the Previews catalog and Diamond order code SEP084260
(Please use the comic book shop locator on the sidebar to find the shop nearest you)

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August 30, 2008

WOLVES of ODIN Headlines Broken Frontier

"Wolves of Odin" received some lovin' over at the comic book news website BrokenFrontier.com. Everyone be sure to go check it out and bookmark Broken Frontier if you haven't already done so -- it's a great site. :)

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August 28, 2008

Werewolf-News.com gives WoO some lovin'

I wanted to thank Werewolf-News.com for their nice words and generous "Wolves of Odin" pimpage! :) That was very cool of them.

~ Grant

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August 27, 2008

WOLVES of ODIN on Pages 317-318 of Previews

The September Previews catalog (for November product) is now on shelves! Wolves of Odin is in the "comics and graphic novels" section - on page 318 under SuperRealGraphics.com. Its Diamond Order Code is SEP084260.

And in case anyone's wondering: You don't have to buy Previews to order "Wolves of Odin." You can just walk into your local comic shop and tell the employees that you'd like to order it. All they need is the Diamond Order Code: SEP084260.

In fact, click here for an 8.5x11 PDF promo sheet that you can download and print (which can also be seen as a fullpage ad on page 317 of Previews). You can hand it to your local comic shop or give it to friends. Now's the time to spread the word and order up some "Wolves"! Thanks for your support, everyone! :)

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August 25, 2008

Diamond Order Code SEP084260

"Wolves" will be in this week's new Previews catalog, and the Diamond order code is SEP084260.

Be sure to write that number down and pass it along to your local comic shop -- Tell them you need some "Wolves of Odin" goodness! :)

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Featured Pin-Up by Jessica Hickman

Here's another amazing pin-up that will be featured in the back of the book. This one's by artist Jessica Hickman.


August 23, 2008


It's time to introduce you to another one of the characters you'll be seeing in "The Wolves of Odin."

While Tyr very much filled the role of "lead hero" in my story, I knew I wanted a rough-n-tumble character as well. Someone who could be a good guy, but really be more of a random element. You see, with Tyr, it's all about destiny and fate -- his path is laid out before him and Thor is making sure he sticks to that path. With Gunnarson, however, you know he can work outside of the rules, so to speak. He can be that diehard berserker. He can be that guy with no pre-written destiny -- someone the reader can maybe identify with a little more.

And I've told this to people before -- I must proudly own up to it -- Gunnarson is also an homage to the Techno Viking, who's something of a YouTube celebrity (if you've never watched the video, here's the link - go check it out). The guy in that video is the most awesome and crazy human on the planet. How could I not put him in my viking comic? I had to do it. :) And it worked out for other reasons, too -- Tyr had darker hair, so the blonde hair on Gunnarson was perfect. Visually he worked well with the cast.

Gunnarson wears a Mjöllnir necklace (Hammer of Thor) to show his allegiance to the God of Thunder. I wanted to show that not all followers of the deities automatically get to see or speak to the gods, as Tyr does. Gunnarson is a follower of Thor, but he does not actively converse with him. For him, religion is more of a good luck charm than a way of life.

Readers of the book can look forward to lots of Gunnarson going head to head with the wolves. He definitely isn't one to shy away from a bloodbath. Let's just hope he survives the fight...

That's it for now. Thanks for reading! Come back soon for another inside look at one of the other cast members of "The Wolves of Odin" and more WoO news and updates!

~ Grant


Featured Pin-Up by Katie Cook

Here's another amazing pin-up that will be featured in the back of the book. This one's by artist Katie Cook.


August 15, 2008

Featured Pin-Up by Cat Staggs

Here's another amazing pin-up that will be featured in the back of the book. This one's by artist Cat Staggs.


August 8, 2008

Featured Pin-Up by Cynthia Cummens

Here's another amazing pin-up that will be featured in the back of the book. This one's by artist Cynthia Cummens.


August 6, 2008

Featured Pin-Up by Otis Frampton

Here's another amazing pin-up that will be featured in the back of the book. This one's by artist Otis Frampton.


August 5, 2008

Fan Art Gallery Goes Live!

The official "Wolves of Odin" fan art gallery is now online: wolves-of-odin-fans.deviantart.com

All artists are welcome to contribute. Click here for details and info!


More 'Wolves' Lovin': Fandomania & TPK

1) Fandomania was kind enough to do an interview with me and let me talk about "Wolves of Odin" and other projects I have going on. And I gotta say, if you're a fan of pop culture - comics, movies, etc. - Fandomania's a site you should have bookmarked. I luv 'em.

2) Steven Saunders' awesome first installment of Total Party Kill over at ComicsWaitingRoom.com talks about comics and roleplaying goodies and graciously gives "Wolves" some sweet lovin'.

Big thanks to both Jason and Steve! :)



Featured Pin-Up by Matthew Goodmanson

Here's another amazing pin-up that will be featured in the back of the book. This one's by artist Matthew Goodmanson.


August 4, 2008

Newsarama Blog Lovin'

Check out my interview for the Newsarama Blog!

Big thanks to Michael May for helping to spread the word on "Wolves". :)



August 2, 2008

Featured Pin-Up by Art Grafunkel

Here's another amazing pin-up that will be featured in the back of the book. This one's by artist Art Grafunkel.


July 31, 2008

Featured Pin-Up by Dennis Budd

I want to start showing off some of the amazing pin-ups that will be featured in the back of the book. This first one's by artist Dennis Budd.

I've had a ton of artists ask me if they can do a pin-up for the book, and as much as I'd love to say "yes" to each and every one of them, we've only got a small amount of space for pin-ups -- at this point, the list is pretty much closed. However, I do plan on setting up an online "Wolves of Odin" fan art gallery in the near future. So keep watching this blog and I'll announce that when it happens, and then everyone will be able to share their fan art -- I think it'll be really cool. :)

I'll be back soon with more updates, and a look at another pin-up!



Meet the Cast: THE WOLF FENRIR

In Norse mythology, Fenrir (also known by Fenris, Fenrisulfr, and other names) is the famous and terrible wolf. He is the unstoppable monster that cannot be caged. He's the troublemaker, the doom-bringer, the one that ends up biting Tyr's hand off. I knew from the get-go that he'd be playing a major role in my story. I was always intrigued by him, and always wanted to know and read more.

In my comic, Fenrir is the lieutenant of the wolves -- the smartest, the most cunning, the most powerful. I wanted to make sure each character (both wolves and humans) looked different from one another. Whereas Hati is reddish-brown and Skoll is a very light grey, I wanted Fenrir to be a dark grey -- almost black in contract to the snowy terrain. He's literally the big, bad wolf.

Odin trusts Fenrir above the others. He looks to him to succeed, and ultimately -- as it is in the mythology -- Fenrir will face Tyr. As I've mentioned before, this shared fate is the centerpiece of "The Wolves of Odin." The building up to that encounter between Tyr and Fenrir, and the aftermath. He, like Hati and Skoll, was once a north-man. But his greed and his battle-lust drove him down a dark path, and he became one of the AllFather's prized berserkers. Odin transformed him into a beast, and now he's a pawn, an instrument of hate and murder.

More to come!


July 29, 2008

'Wolves of Odin' on Comic Geek Speak

One of the most popular comic book podcasts, Comic Geek Speak, gave The Wolves of Odin some love in one of their recent San Diego coverage episodes. They talk to Super Real Graphics' own Jason Martin -- He discusses "Wolves," "Gnome," and other projects on the horizon. Definitely check it out! It's Episode 484 and starts about 59 minutes in. Click here for the MP3 or you can grab it off iTunes. Big thanks to CGS!

Also -- Just wanted to say thanks to everyone that picked up a Preview Book in San Diego! It was a fantastic show, and everyone seems to be very excited about the book.

I'll be back very soon with more WoO blog goodness!



July 20, 2008


Each week I'm talking about a cast member from my upcoming graphic novella "The Wolves of Odin," and offering some insight into that character. This week's cast member is Bergthora.

At a glance, one might suspect that Bergthora is a Valkyrie, but in the case of this particular character, not all is as it seems. While she very much wants to be a Valkyrie, Bergthora is a witch, and her true appearance is something she goes to great lengths to hide.

Long ago, the God of Thunder made Bergthora his lover and his servant. In return for her loyalty, she asked to become one of the legendary Valkyries of Valhalla. Thor promised that he could make that happen once her services were no longer needed. Many years have passed since then, and with this new mission unfolding - the approaching confrontation between the wolves and Tyr - Bergthora is hoping that her eagerly awaited reward is near. Thor has chosen Bergthora to guide Tyr and to set his plans in motion.

For her appearance, I knew I wanted it to be very Valkyrie-like, because of her desire to become one. I tried to design something that was a mixture of Valkyrie and "ragged outcast witch." Of all the human characters, Bergthora's clothing is definitely the least realistic in terms of what people of the viking era really wore... Not to mention, it's not a very practical outfit for wintertime. I took some artistic liberties with this one. But hey, if Red Sonja can wear a metal bikini in the snow, my witch can show some leg. :P And let's face it, we're seeing an illusion -- for all we know, the witch is wrapped in furs under that magical disguise of blonde sexiness.

Her staff is actually a heater of sorts, so that also helps explain why she isn't more bundled up. The orbs on her staff hold earthly energies that radiate heat and light, keeping her from freezing her butt off.

Anyway, that's Bergthora in a nutshell. I'm in the middle of preparing for San Diego and am way behind, so I have to cut this post short. I'll be back post-Comic-Con with the next "Meet the Cast" feature.

If you're going to Comic-Con, definitely swing by the Super Real Graphics table (S16) and my table in artists' alley (CC-18). We'll have "Wolves of Odin" goodies you don't wanna miss out on!

Thanks for reading -- Talk to you again soon!



July 18, 2008

SDCC 08 - Wolves of Odin PREVIEW BOOK

Super Real Graphics has just announced it's plans for San Diego Comic-Con, including limited edition preview books, creator signings, and more.

Available only at the show will be a limited to 100 copies preview edition of Grant Gould's THE WOLVES OF ODIN, and Grant will be on hand at the Super Real Graphics table, S16, daily to sign the book as well.

The Wolves of Odin Comic-Con Preview includes 20 full color pages, with the first look at pages from the book, as well as character info and behind-the-scenes material. The books are limited and only being sold at the show for a price of $5 each.

You can also check out other current and upcoming Super Real Graphics projects, and meet other fan favorite creators like Josh Howard, and Hector Sevilla throughout the show. For full information on the Super Real Graphics Comic-Con 2008 plans, visit the brand new NEWS BLOG

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July 15, 2008

Gould/McHaley "Wolves of Odin" SDCC Print - Limited to 20 copies

My pal Mark McHaley and I teamed up to create this exclusive 11x17 print for the San Diego Comic-Con. I did the pencil work and then Mark took it from there, bringing it to life with his bold and stylistic paints.

If you're not familiar with Mark's work, you soon will be. He's been dropping jaws in the trading card industry -- Check out some of his Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones and Heroes sketch cards. He's also one of the attending artists at Star Wars Celebration Japan, where he'll be selling limited edition Grievous prints. Needless to say, I love Mark's art, and it was an honor collaborating with him on this "Wolves" piece.

The prints will be LIMITED TO TWENTY HAND-NUMBERED COPIES that will ONLY be available at my Artists' Alley table: CC-18. First come, first served. $20 dollars a piece.

The original painting will also be for sale at Mark's booth (1317-19), so be sure to head over there as well.

And definitely don't forget to visit the Super Real Graphics table for even more "Wolves of Odin" goodness... More info on that very soon!


July 13, 2008

Meet the Cast: THE VIKING TYR

Over the next few weeks I'll be introducing you to the cast of "The Wolves of Odin," and offering some insight into what went into the creation of these characters. First up is Tyr, which is a name some of you fans of Norse mythology are sure to recognize... "Wait a minute.. Isn't Tyr one of the gods?"

In most versions of the mythology, he is, yes. And this is something that's addressed and actually sort of set the stage for where I wanted to go with the story. While I was preparing to write "Wolves," I did a lot of research on the Norse pantheon. I'd always been somewhat familiar with it, but I wanted to really dig in and work the various tales into my own... Turns out, there are about twenty variations of every tale, about twenty variations of every personality... Ultimately, I realized there is no definitive Norse legend. There are different versions, and really, it's about picking and choosing the parts that you enjoy and that make the most sense.

So I made Tyr the central character, and part of his journey is that he's being guided and manipulated by the gods, and faces a great destiny. I took parts of the mythologies, such as Tyr's fateful encounter with the wolf Fenrir, and made them my own. This comic isn't about me translating a Norse tale -- It's about me telling my own version of a Norse tale.

Tyr is a bold warrior who cautiously follows (and seems to trust) Thor, the God of Thunder. He has a special connection to the deity, and literally speaks to him. Which is another thing I wanted to do a little differently with "The Wolves of Odin." We always see Thor and the other Nordic figures as these mighty human type of characters, but I started to think... If these gods were real, and they were appearing to their followers and speaking to them... What if they appear more as ghosts than people? That idea appealed to me, so when Tyr sees Thor, he's seeing a spirit that's only vaguely humanoid. As if to suggest that maybe the gods were once human, and now they're something more.

I wanted Tyr's helmet to be very true to what viking helmets really looked like (as many people know by now, the whole "horned helm" thing is completely inaccurate). I wanted his armor and his outfit to look pretty close to what real vikings wore. I wanted to give him a big fluffy iconic wolfskin cloak, which is both practical (gotta keep warm in those blizzards) and symbolic of the showdown to come. I also wanted him to wield two weapons -- and since I couldn't decide between swords or axes, I just went with one of each.

And, I'll leave you with one last nerdy little fun fact: I gave Tyr a topknot as a little shout-out to Cutter, the lead character in "ElfQuest" (which is 30 years old this year). I discovered ElfQuest in the early '80s and it essentially introduced me to comic books and the fantasy genre, and it's always been one of my great loves and inspirations. So how could I not pay tribute in some small way? :)

That's it for now. Thanks for reading -- I hope you're all getting excited for the book! Come back soon for another inside look at one of the other cast members of "The Wolves of Odin."

~ Grant