August 27, 2008

WOLVES of ODIN on Pages 317-318 of Previews

The September Previews catalog (for November product) is now on shelves! Wolves of Odin is in the "comics and graphic novels" section - on page 318 under Its Diamond Order Code is SEP084260.

And in case anyone's wondering: You don't have to buy Previews to order "Wolves of Odin." You can just walk into your local comic shop and tell the employees that you'd like to order it. All they need is the Diamond Order Code: SEP084260.

In fact, click here for an 8.5x11 PDF promo sheet that you can download and print (which can also be seen as a fullpage ad on page 317 of Previews). You can hand it to your local comic shop or give it to friends. Now's the time to spread the word and order up some "Wolves"! Thanks for your support, everyone! :)

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