July 31, 2008

Meet the Cast: THE WOLF FENRIR

In Norse mythology, Fenrir (also known by Fenris, Fenrisulfr, and other names) is the famous and terrible wolf. He is the unstoppable monster that cannot be caged. He's the troublemaker, the doom-bringer, the one that ends up biting Tyr's hand off. I knew from the get-go that he'd be playing a major role in my story. I was always intrigued by him, and always wanted to know and read more.

In my comic, Fenrir is the lieutenant of the wolves -- the smartest, the most cunning, the most powerful. I wanted to make sure each character (both wolves and humans) looked different from one another. Whereas Hati is reddish-brown and Skoll is a very light grey, I wanted Fenrir to be a dark grey -- almost black in contract to the snowy terrain. He's literally the big, bad wolf.

Odin trusts Fenrir above the others. He looks to him to succeed, and ultimately -- as it is in the mythology -- Fenrir will face Tyr. As I've mentioned before, this shared fate is the centerpiece of "The Wolves of Odin." The building up to that encounter between Tyr and Fenrir, and the aftermath. He, like Hati and Skoll, was once a north-man. But his greed and his battle-lust drove him down a dark path, and he became one of the AllFather's prized berserkers. Odin transformed him into a beast, and now he's a pawn, an instrument of hate and murder.

More to come!



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