June 17, 2009

"Wolves" article in Icelandic newspaper

I was interviewed awhile back by the wonderful folks at the Lögberg-Heimskringla, a weekly Icelandic newspaper. They just sent me a couple copies of the issue in which my article appears (thanks, David!) and it turned out great. I scanned it in, so click here to download a printable PDF if ya want.

Thanks again to the Lögberg! :)

Speaking of "Wolves"...
I'm sure I'll post more about this in a few weeks, but for those wondering - YES, "Wolves of Odin" will be at San Diego Comic-Con this year. The book itself will be available to purchase at the Super Real Graphics booth (#5331) throughout the show, and I will be at the SRG booth the first hour of each day, and after that you'll be able to find me at my table in Artists' Alley. More to come!

~ Grant

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